Aker Brygge, foyer mall
Oslo, Norway

With more than 12 million visitors every year, Aker Brygge in Oslo is one of the most popular urban neighborhoods in Scandinavia.

The former shipyard area has been undergoing large renovation and award winning revitalization projects since the shipyard ceased its activities in the early eighties, and is now a vibrant waterfront area with restaurants, shops, malls, office buildings and apartments as well as a marina and ferry terminals.

At the heart of Aker Brygge Danish Engineer Levi Jensen has contributed to making a stay or a stroll at the Brygge square an architectural and spacious experience.

At the foyer of a shopping and office area, the entire entrance area is covered by a very large space frame structure offering shelter from the weather along with an outlook to the waterfront.

Levi Jensen has been responsible for the steel construction and the space frame structures in close cooperation with a Danish partner.

Sameiet Aker Brygge

Niels Torp A/S Arkitekter

Ingeniørerne Bonde & Co.

A/S Selmer Furuholmen Oslo

Steel Construction:
Scanspace A/S and Levi Jensen