Parken Stadium, football stadium roof
Copenhagen, Denmark

Parken Stadium is the Danish national football stadium and dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

1990 a major refurbishment was initiated in order to take the stadium up to date and not least make it possible to accomodate large scale concerts.

The project was concieved by Danish architect Gert Andersson and inspired by large Italian sport arenas where large audiences can still keep the feeling of proximity of the activities.

Parken Stadium is build around four corner buldings housing office facilities and with four linking spectator tribunes. The roofs of the tribunes are all constructed with visible space frame structures.

Later a flexible roof construction also made with space frames was equipped making it possible to cover the entire stadium with a large expandable roof.

Levi Jensen worked closely with architects from Gert Andersson on the entire solution including the steel constructions and especially the space frame structures.

Baltica Finans

Gert Andersson

Klaus Nielsen

JPC-Entreprisen A/S

Steel Construction:
Scanspace A/S and Levi Jensen